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Clock/birthday flash

2011-10-12 03:38:35 by robert1028

I have been a member of for a long time now, and their is two things that has bugged me this whole time:
1-Birthday flash. Ok, I understand you want to do something cool for your friend on his birthday, but spamming the site with poorly done garbage is not the way to go.
Just send it right to him, rather then filling the web with more junk.

and 2- Clock flash. I have never gotten these things.
They are poorly animated, voiced by cheap spell and speak programs, and I never really get the jokes.
maybe its just me, but I think both of these things are lame spam flooding the site, and eclipsing those with real talent by shear volume.

The worst part is that these kinds of flash are insanely popular.
am I missing something?


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