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To whom it may concern

2012-07-04 01:18:35 by robert1028

To whom it may concern; I have been on this site for a long time now, and I relies that while I would give my opinion on others art; be it flash or otherwise, (and mostly good reviews) I have not contributed anything to this site myself.
Brings me to a point in which I am faced with a decision.
A-continue to judge others while hiding behind the safety of my own work not being seen.
or B- man up and show my work, and hope what whomever sees it will give me the kindness I have given others.
I also realize that I have no real work left to show after a mass purging of my work.
I will have to take some time to make some new art, but I look forward to actually being a part of this site rather then a spectator.
No one will probably ever read this, so I am mostly writing it in a drunken daze to remind myself that I am my worst critic, and only fan .


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2012-08-30 22:52:31

i know what you mean, i was thinking the same thing i write stories and stuff in my news section but i feel that its not enough and that i should do some real work and i say chioce B maybe i should do the same.


2012-09-03 23:05:16

yeah i started posting art picture's but thier sorta lame for some reason i still feel that it isnt enough good luck on the choice you pick man


2012-09-08 19:08:59

How do you gain fans without sharing your work with others? How do you know how people will receive your work until you post it? I don't know if anyone has anything against spectators as long as they're respectful, but I hope to see what you bring to this site.

(just realized that I'm a huge hypocrite, I better start making stuff to post ^_^)


2012-11-05 19:42:19

Make new work! Post that shizz yo


2012-11-06 21:04:10

on my rainbow dash hentai game have you tried clicking the resize Game Button on the newgrounds window?!