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Here I come Newgrounds.

2012-12-27 19:11:18 by robert1028

Well my dear new grounds. I have decided at last to start making submissions as an artist.
I want to do games but I can't even afford a scanner for my art, let alone the Flash program.
My only worry is that I suffer from low confidence in my work, and I fear the trolls of the net.
But I decided that art is art; good or bad, it's unique to the one who made it.
I want to share it .
I will upload my first one soon.


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2012-12-27 22:49:06
stencyl is a free program in which you can make games in. I use it all the time, and its a great tool for crating games. Also, you can program (or not) your games and is pretty precise.

dont worry about the art, you will have to face criticism sometime in life. I recommend the art forum for help, since people can help you with your drawings and make suggestions.


2012-12-28 17:48:31

come on man whats wrong why are you felling insecure you art is good as the majormel said you should try that software give it a try maybe you wil make something good i am supporting you from here . ok do what you must do the creative spririt cant be used if you dont want . but i ust said as a friend give it a try and see how it works