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Just a friendly warning

2013-08-14 01:45:01 by robert1028

Just a friendly warning. I've seen way to many abusive posts.

I am not talking about things like "your game sucks man" I'm talking about

things like "You suck, go kill yourself.".

from now on, every time I see this I am clicking "Abusive" and if I find a stronger way to report these users I'm doing it.

I've lost some one to bully shit like this and will not let it go on with out a fight.

First one!

2013-02-07 01:56:53 by robert1028

At long last I am submitting art.
I would like to also do games but I don't have the patents.

Here I come Newgrounds.

2012-12-27 19:11:18 by robert1028

Well my dear new grounds. I have decided at last to start making submissions as an artist.
I want to do games but I can't even afford a scanner for my art, let alone the Flash program.
My only worry is that I suffer from low confidence in my work, and I fear the trolls of the net.
But I decided that art is art; good or bad, it's unique to the one who made it.
I want to share it .
I will upload my first one soon.

To whom it may concern

2012-07-04 01:18:35 by robert1028

To whom it may concern; I have been on this site for a long time now, and I relies that while I would give my opinion on others art; be it flash or otherwise, (and mostly good reviews) I have not contributed anything to this site myself.
Brings me to a point in which I am faced with a decision.
A-continue to judge others while hiding behind the safety of my own work not being seen.
or B- man up and show my work, and hope what whomever sees it will give me the kindness I have given others.
I also realize that I have no real work left to show after a mass purging of my work.
I will have to take some time to make some new art, but I look forward to actually being a part of this site rather then a spectator.
No one will probably ever read this, so I am mostly writing it in a drunken daze to remind myself that I am my worst critic, and only fan .

Walking the portal

2012-05-26 22:43:56 by robert1028

Ok, so I've been a part of new grounds for a long time now, and I understood that a time like this, would one day come but..
I feel like I have been to every end of the vast portal.
I've played all the best (and some of the worst) games.
I've Watched all my favorite videos (many times over).
but I'm starting to feel like Ive seen it all.
Everything is seeming to blur together into the same old, same old.
Even the Adult content is starting to bore me.
I don't know, maybe I'm just in a rut, and need something new to rekindle my love of this site.
Until then, I will continue to drag through the same old, same old.

Clock/birthday flash

2011-10-12 03:38:35 by robert1028

I have been a member of for a long time now, and their is two things that has bugged me this whole time:
1-Birthday flash. Ok, I understand you want to do something cool for your friend on his birthday, but spamming the site with poorly done garbage is not the way to go.
Just send it right to him, rather then filling the web with more junk.

and 2- Clock flash. I have never gotten these things.
They are poorly animated, voiced by cheap spell and speak programs, and I never really get the jokes.
maybe its just me, but I think both of these things are lame spam flooding the site, and eclipsing those with real talent by shear volume.

The worst part is that these kinds of flash are insanely popular.
am I missing something?